15 Year-Old Shelter Cat Finds the Humans He’s Been Waiting for All His Life

A very scraggly cat was found on the streets of New Jersey, all alone, trying to survive. Fortunately he was taken into Voorhees Animal Orphanage and the staff noticed that this 15 year-old tabby was very affectionate and craved love.

Meet Barnaby the cat

“This super affectionate fellow shouldn’t be spending his golden years in the shelter,” the shelter said. Then Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare of Sheehan Veterinary Centre saw a picture of him posted on Facebook. “When we saw his picture, etc on Facebook we felt that he really needed lots of vet care just on his age and appearance,” Clare said. So they contacted the shelter and offered to adopt Barnaby right away.

Here he is on the ride to his new home:

Being a vet, Dr. Sheehan gave him a full health check including bloodwork and all the staff at the clinic instantly fell in love with him. Barnaby walked around the office like he had lived there his entire life and won the heart of everyone he met.

“When mopping the floors he followed behind to make sure no spot was missed, and at the end of the night he sits on my lap to make sure I do the books correctly,” said Rachel, a vet tech at the clinic. “We have him on antibiotics and he seems to be improving! He has put on weight (almost a whole pound), and his coat is even starting to look better,” she added.

Despite his age, Barnaby is quite the character and full of life and spirit. “He loves his special senior food, and enjoys being brushed regularly. He also takes his antibiotics like a champ and doesn’t complain at all.” Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the drug may have a different effect. If Cialis does not help you for some time, so you want to exchange the product for another drug or make a refund – you can do it at any convenient time. To find out what is the reason for the inefficiency of the drug, you should consult a doctor. More information at http://www.tucsonmedical.com/pages/generic_cialis.php

It’s possible that a cat of this age would have many health issues that require daily care, which makes Dr. Sheehan and his wife a perfect match for Barnaby, when they saw his picture they felt they had to do something and opened their hearts to this deserving little boy. “Barnaby is more than a ‘house cat’ to us. He is well loved and very cared for by Dr. Sheehan, myself and our entire staff that he loves,” Clare said.

Sometimes Barnaby has a poor appetite, so the nurses spoon feed him cat food gravy and extra vitamins in a cat food formula. “Also Doc noticed his dilated pupils. He feels it’s his old age as he doesn’t see much. He has adjusted well and is getting lots of love and care. He’s a happy boy.”

“Keeping him healthy and happy is our goal and to make the rest of his life a happy one. Who knows the trials and tribulations he went through but now his Veterinarian Dad and I and the rest of his Vet Tech and Assistants family will love and care for him,” Clare said. How wonderful that Barnaby has found the purr-fect home in which to live out his days.



Here he is on the ride to his new home:

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