17 Naughty Cats Show Their Humans Whos The Boss In The House

Ever wondered why cats are such popular pets and why do we adore them? We even try to pamper them. Well how can we not these are these wonderful fluffy creatures who are full of weird habits and they are a total entertainment package for us. Cats are very moody and they are mostly savage and no matter how hard we try to make our cat understand that we are the boss of our house, they just neglect it and they don’t give a damn about it. Looks can deceive they look extremely cute and soft but they can be really cruel when it comes to wanting attention. Well they can be quite messy sometimes it includes ruining the house, fighting with other pets, and even peeling our skins. So here we are today with 17 naughty cats that show their humans who’s the real boss in the house. Keep on scrolling, don’t forget to watch it till the end. Enjoy!.

1. This cat needs to total attention

2. This kitty cat got up because the owner had to rearrange his legs, look at that mad face

3. Look here I need attention, and am damn serious about it

4. “Countless places to nap outside in the shade and this is where my cat chooses to get comfortable…”

5. Just sit and listen it’s my turn hooman

6. Cats will always be the boss

7. Cats owners can relate to this

8. Nothing can challenge may says Mr. Cat

9. No way you are doing this puzzle today hooman

10. Something fishy is always going on in a cat’s mind

11. What are you looking cat? I didn’t do anything

12. You really wanna eat this?

13. It’s time to pick me up come on

14. Cats and their habits

15. “My black and white tabby sits on my calico until she gives up their fave spot on my desk.

16. Look at these twins, love their fur

17. Every time owner’s tries to leave the house

These pictures are the proof that when it comes to about being a boss in the house, cats always win. They are the real boss and we are helpless about it. Living with a cat means unlimited entertainment, one can never get bored with them. They are pretty unpredictable and moody, if you have mistakenly pissed off your cat, they are going to make you regret for it. Well whatever they do or how much naughty they become they will always be going to close to our hearts. Nothing is better than having a fluffy mate who needs your attention all day long. Let us know what do you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned for more fun content.



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