7th day after birth cat mother kisses her baby kitten

It’s so cute how the kitten has a tiny teddy! It’s also cute when the mom puts her paw on your hand! Such a sweet mama and baby!
I have watched Pinky everyday and it brings tears to my eyes, Mother and baby are so beautiful, I wish everything was as precious as this!! ❤️ Thank you for sharing this sweet miracle🥰🥰💞💞
Pinky seems to be much more active today! Love her little teddy bear! The picture of Pinky with her paw over her teddy and mama with her paw over Pinky is total cuteness overload!😻💘
This lovely caring Mom warms her beautiful baby and watches over it at the same time. They always melt my heart. Lots of kisses 🙏😻🧡🐈💖🥰💕🐾✨


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