A cat who had spent most of his life living in a tiny container is rescued on the point of death and given a second chance at life.

Having spent all of his life living in a tiny container, Samuel, a black and white cat is brought into Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter in extremely poor condition.

He was extremely underweight to the point of being emaciated, his eyes were swollen shut due to mange, and he had a whole host of other medical issues. He had pressure sores all over his body due to close confinement, and skin peeling off in places. One of Samuel’s rescuers didn’t want the poor cat’s life to end in this manner so a photo of him was placed on social media.

Thankfully for Samuel, a vet tech from Houston, Leslie Raines, came across his photo and offered to foster him. So Samuel moved into his new home and began what would be a very long recovery. Months later, his fur had back in, but he still had many fears of living in the open to overcome. However, he had visually transformed into the handsome, fluffy cat he always should have been.

Leslie then began the process of trying to find Samuel a new home. Eventually, she was introduced to Bryan Smith, who after meeting Samuel seemed to possess the skill of being able to keep the cat calm. Once Leslie was convinced Bryan was the best owner for Samuel the former semi-feral cat moved into Bryan’s home to begin his new life. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for both of them as Bryan had just lost his 13-year cat due to cancer.

The cat was also found to have pressure wounds from being confined to a small space for a long time.

Samuel transitioned from death row to a veterinary clinic.

Samuel progressively gained weight and restored his vision thanks to their kind care. He still needed to learn how to be a cat, though.

Samuel’s thick black and white fur came in months later, but he still had concerns to face.

Samuel transformed into the handsome, fluffy cat he meant to be.

The cat disliked meeting potential adopters— but all that changed when he met Bryan.

The cat and his new father are now recuperating together and enjoying each other’s company.


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