A Family Is Finally Found For A Rescue Cat That Spent Years Living On The Streets Warming Its Heart

Many individuals consider the weather to be one of their ideal seasons. It produces lovely products and amazing views to see. Winter, however, is a terrible season in which our stray feline companions must battle to survive.


Meet Padou the stray cat who has spent years on the streets in the neighborhood (of Montreal, Canada). Life had been tough on the little guy when he had to fight to survive in many harsh winters. Sadly, many people saw him wander the streets but nobody helped him.

Luckily, a wonderful woman named Aya spotted the kitty and saved him. However, Padou was fearful of people and he didn’t let anyone touch him. When seeing little poor kitten’s case, Aya decided to help him. She began feeding him every day to gain his trust.

Padou’s condition gradually deteriorated and he started experiencing breathing problems, so Aya contacted a nearby cat rescue organization, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, to save him. He could not endure the harsh Canadian winter, in Aya’s opinion.

They set out traps in Padou’s area but the plan didn’t work because Padou knew how to avoid and wouldn’t go into a trap. So, rescuers provided him food and when he was eating, they would hand feed him so the kitty would get used to being touched. Finally, they were able to touch and bring him to the vet.

He was taken to a foster home by rescuers to begin his recuperation process. The tabby cat adapts well to new surroundings and is eager to find a forever home. He aspires to discover a lifelong home and a fulfilling existence.

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