A kitten with a distinctive face Escapes the streets in search of a nice home

Animal rights activists at Murphy’s Safe Haven (in Edinburgh, Texas) were given a little cat three months ago; the youngster had been living on the streets alone and surviving with all of her strength.

The Good Samaritans noticed a stray who was seeking attention. They started taking care of her since they were unable to abandon her to her destiny, but soon recognized that the girl need more urgent assistance.

The kitten was saved by Murphy’s Safe Haven campaigners, who placed it in foster care.

The home environment disturbed the girl. She is aptly nicknamed Toothless, after the adorable character from How to Train Your Dragon.

The veterinarian who performed the examination determined that Toothless was much smaller than she should be and that her growth was stunted.

We originally thought she was about six weeks old, but it turned out to be at least three months old (because her molars have already grown),” says Audrey from Murphy’s Safe Haven.

“Toothless has a deformed face maxillofacial anomaly, which causes her nose bridge to be much wider than other cats.”

She arrived with a cold and some stomach issues, but with nutritious diet, medical attention, and of course, love, she quickly recovered.

The Nice Girl, who spends her days playing nonstop and sleeping endlessly, doesn’t think she’s any different. She prefers to be in a homey setting with caregivers who can accommodate all of her needs.

Toothless has a heroic appetite. She, since recovering, has become very playful, mischievous and inquisitive about everything around her.

“This darling is still such a fidget, and everything is just amazing with her,” adds Audrey.

In just a few weeks, the skinny kitten turned into a healthy, beautiful pet with a shiny black coat. Good food, toys, a warm bed and company of people make our kitty the happiest in the world.

Toothless has come a long way and is now ready for the next step. She is looking for a permanent family, ready to fulfill her requirements and make sure that she purrs every day, because she deserves it.

“Toothless doesn’t need a specialist, and the veterinarian issued a certificate that she is completely healthy, but it’s not known what will happen next – she will need regular check-ups at the veterinarian,” Audrey shares.

“She’s very restless and would be better off with another active, friendly kitten

No one knows how she ended up on the street, but Toothless went through the hardships of a homeless life and, fortunately, ended up in an overexposure.

She continues to live a full life in anticipation of her main happiness.


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