A Woman Sees A Small Person Perched On The Edge Of A Bridge And Immediately Takes Action

During her lunch break from work, Nicole Toney was traveling home when she unexpectedly saw something that nearly caused her to pass out.

A little kitty was perched there on the brink of the bridge.

When Toney recognized what the kitty was and that she unquestionably needed assistance, she had already drove by her. She quickly turned around and hoped with all of her might that the kitten would still be there.

Toney told The Dodo, “I wanted to throw up.” I was so concerned that she wouldn’t be there when I turned around.

Toney pulled over as safely as she could on the busy highway and was thrilled to see that the kitten was still there. She was afraid she might scare the kitten with her car, so she didn’t want to pull up too close to her. Toney knew the situation was a precarious one and did her best to proceed with caution.

“I walked up to her slowly because I was scared of heights and I was scared she was going to jump, and then I just wanted to be sure to get really close to her so I could put my arm behind her so that if she went off the bridge, I could try to catch her,” Toney said. “Then I grabbed the nape of her neck and immobilized her like how mom cats carry them by the scruff of their neck.”

The small kitten hardly moved at all during the entire rescue. She appeared to understand that Toney was there to help her despite the fact that she was obviously terrified and possibly a little uneasy about a strange woman approaching her.

She didn’t hiss or claw; I believe she was too afraid to move, according to Toney. She merely expressed something akin to, “OK, cool, someone got me down!”

Toney was very happy to have the kitten safely inside the car. She had been really concerned, but she had managed to save her, and the cat also appeared to be greatly relieved. She was relieved to no longer be perched on the precipice of a bridge as she simply sat in the car as the two of them drove home.

On her way home, Toney called her husband and told him the story. They already had five dogs and a cat, but he told her to bring the kitten home anyway, get her situated and they’d figure it out from there.

“He was like, ‘OK, well we’ll talk about it after work,’ and then we never really talked about it, we just kind of kept her,” Toney said.

The couple decided to name the kitten Ducky because she was such a lucky duck for surviving her ordeal. They had previously had two cats at home, Nigel and Mabel, but Mabel sadly went missing a few years ago. They hoped that over time, Ducky could be a new friend for Nigel after losing his sister.

“She looks a lot like [Mabel],” Toney said. “I was like, ‘Man, we definitely have to keep her!’ I felt bad that Nigel didn’t have his sister anymore and I was just kind of like, ‘She can be his sister.’”

It’s been a few months now since Ducky was rescued, and she’s settled into her new home pretty well. She’s still a little skittish after everything she’s been through, but she loves her new family very much, and her mom is so glad that she happened to drive past her that day.

“She’s pretty playful, she’s sweet — I don’t think she’s fully come out of her shell yet,” Toney said.


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