Adira the Kitten Overcomes odds And Grows Strong In Oregon Foster Home

A rescuer named a tiny kitten Adira, which means strong, noble, and powerful. It was a well-chosen name because she would need to be strong to survive. When they found and named the kitten, she was hanging on to life with her brother in early August. Another sibling had passed away. Both malnourished 4-week-old kittens had to go to the ER with horrible flea infestations, anemia, and hypothermia.

Despite receiving a blood transfusion and an IV, the little boy passed away. But thankfully, Adira, the strong, held on. For Northwest Animal Companions in Portland, it’s part of rescuing, but we all hope it won’t be one day. 

Adira the kitten. Images and media via Instagram/Beaverton Foster Kittens

“Rescue is full of ups and downs. We live for the ups, but the reality is we have to go through the downs as part of the process. Outside life is harsh on animals. The trappers and rescues do as much as they can to save as many as they can. Sometimes it’s not enough,” they wrote.

Adira’s brother who passed away. Rest in peace little one. Image via Northwest Animal Companions/Instagram

Everyone can do a little bit to help.

“This life can be avoided. Spay/neuter, don’t have your cats outside, donate to your local cat trappers orgs or feral cat coalition, and you can help make a dent in the cat overpopulation.”

Fortunately, Adira’s life was just beginning, and she made it thanks to foster mom Ella in Beaverton, Oregon.

“She is still a little pale from the fleas, but we expect her to make a full recovery. She has been lonely, so once quarantined she will make friends with my seven bottle babies. Welcome little one.”

By mid-August, the kitten was doing much better. But she needed to stay in quarantine a little longer before meeting new friends.

“This little singleton is doing great. She is a happy girl. Her finder named her Adira. She will have her PCV rechecked this week to make sure she is recovering well from the anemia caused by her flea infestation. Once she’s quarantined she will become friends with the seven other kittens her age.” 

Just a few days later, Adira was ready to meet furry friends and eat until she got food all over her face.

“Adira has recovered from her anemia and is healthy again, also messy. She has met the other kittens her size and she is so happy now that she has friends.”

By the end of September, the little one was ready to receive her FVRCP vaccines along with her foster friends. Then, they would get boosters every couple of weeks until they were 14-16 weeks of age. They would also be spayed and neutered when they were ready.

The foster mom said other foster babies needed shots to treat a sudden panleukopenia outbreak. But the tiny kittens were resilient and often amazingly cooperative. Thanks to vaccinesfor kittens over 6 weeks old, FPV disease is not as common as it was, but it can be deadly for young kittens and can appear suddenly. Fortunately, they all made it, but it’s one reason why foster providers must carefully quarantine kittens and keep their living areas disinfected and clean.

Adira was a big girl and got her vaccine in a second visit followed by lots of love.

Warning: Video below features needles if you are squeamish.

At the end of September, the cutie was adventurous, jumping out of her playpen to seek out the other cats. She may have started out shy and frail, but she became quite the fun-loving extrovert.

“Miss Adira decided to learn to jump out of the playpen. So now she has the run of the house with my adult cats and foster teens. She is very happy.”

You can see Adira happily playing with the many foster babies below:

“Lots of happy kitties. They love to play.”

In mid-October, the foster mom’s ultimate wish for all her babies came true. She found a loving forever home.

“Happy gotcha day Adira!” 

To see more of Adira and the foster kittens, you can follow Beaverton Foster Kittens and Northwest Animal Companions, who rely on support to help save these cuties.





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