Adventure bol leo kitten Found In the Rain Changes Mans life

Leo, “the Adventure Boi,” was a tiny 2-week-old mewing kitten discovered in the pouring rain. He came out of a field near a walkway in the Bay Area of California on May 25, 2019. From the start, the tiny grey and white kitten was ever-curious, adventurous, affectionate, and playful. 

Fortunately, the kitten’s boundless curiosity led him straight to his forever human, Jo. After that, he never let Jo out of sight. The young man became the kitten’s “human taxi,” taking the kitten everywhere.

Jo Didn’t Think He Was a Cat Person

At the time, Leo was smaller than the palm of rescuer Jo’s hand but fearless, running straight over to Jo and his dog Bella. Jo never thought he would become a “cat person” at the time and had never been a cat’s human before. But this cat was meant to be.

“Immediately my dad instincts kicked in,” Jo said. “I knew if I didn’t do anything, he was gonna die…He was so happy that he was found. I really became his mom,” he told The Dodo (see video below).

From the start, the dog and kitten were also besties, as if they had always known each other.

“This is Belle, she is my not so big sister 🐾”

Leo the Adventure Boi Was Itsy Bitsy

Fortunately, Jo was there at the right time since the itsy bitsy kitten was the runt of a litter who was lost and alone.

“May 25, 2019, 🐾 . I don’t remember how long I was alone for, but it feels good to be found. It was 10 am, after a rain pour; I couldn’t find my mother or siblings and didn’t have energy to go on. Then before I knew it, I lifted into a kind of warmth. I’m happy to be accepted into a new family. I fit right in. Even though, the human won’t stop waking me up and hovering this rectangular brick over me. I guess I’ll see how this goes ~ Leo 🐱

Jo Takes ‘Adventure Boi’ Leo Everywhere

Jo started taking Leo everywhere, and the kitten enjoyed riding in a special backpack and in the car. The kitten wanted to be near Jo at all times.

“When Leo was at that tender age where he needed me at all times 🥺. It’s such a good feeling 😭😭❤️. He was just happy to be involved.”

He even took the kitten to work and the gym, where everyone loved meeting Leo. All the sounds and commotion seemed to help the kitten adjust and become even more adventurous.

I still think it’s funny that all the gyms I went to allowed me to bring my kitten to train with 😂💪🏻 ,” Jo shared.

“Cats would be terrible gym partners, they’d watch you do all the work. Then demand a snack after your workout 😂”

As Jo worked out, Leo would play and snuggle on his shoulder, which he continued into adulthood.

“He’s a big boy and he still acts like a kitten,” Jo told The Dodo. “… He’s really adventurous and he has a super bubbly personality.”

As you can see in the video below, Jo says the kitten helped him at a low point in his life. It seems the kitty was a little angel sent to help him overcome depression, never leaving his side when he was sad.

“When I was taking care of him, it was teaching me how to take care of myself,” Jo said. “He was teaching me how to love myself.”

Stories like these show how cats can transform people’s lives in many amazing ways. We see it all the time, and it’s so heartwarming.

Video by The Dodo:

Leo grew up fast as kittens do, but he remained just as adventurous. Jo continued taking him to new places on a harness, where they enjoyed exploring together.

Leo grew up fast as kittens do, but he remained just as adventurous. Jo continued taking him to new places on a harness, where they enjoyed exploring together.

“Leo was super excited about hiding into hollow tree trunks 🐈

Now, Leo was a big 11-pound cat, but he was still always on Jo’s shoulder or in his backpack.

“He will never be too large for a shoulder ride 🥺🐈 I’m so glad Leo is happy and I can take him out more often.”

Although Leo appeared out of nowhere that rainy spring day, it really does seem he was destined to meet Jo. Their bond is so strong, and they remain inseparable.

“Is it a true that pets resemble their owners? Because BRO LOL. ME & LEO ARE LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON. HAHA. I love him so much.”

And, to think, Jo never thought he was a cat person.

“Never thought I’d be a cat person but sheesh, I’m down to be a crazy cat mom. His personality is so prominent, he really do be acting like a human child at times, minus the daggers for paws. But I’m so happy that he stumbled into my life, I needed him way more than he needed me,” he wrote.

Just look at the bond these two share below! During the pandemic, they helped one another pass the time with endless love and cuddles.

I never owned a cat prior to Leo. It was after posting this video, I realized Leo is not like other cats. He’s very much like a dog.”

Today, Jo is an accidental “catfluencer” appearing with Leo at the 2022 CatCon in Pasadena. But Jo never thought he would be doing that either.

“Never would I have thought Leo’s digital footprint was going to be like this! I had no desire for us to be a “catfluencer.” The original purpose…was because I was lazy to keep scrolling through my camera roll to show my friends how cute my new kitten was 😅”




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