Adventurer Senior Support Cat Rocky Celebrates His Bridhday That Almost Newer was

In the age comparison of cats to humans, at 15 years old, a cat is the equivalent of approximately a 78-year-old person. Now, admittedly, I’m not a big hiker myself. But at only 40, I can only HOPE I’m active at that age! But that’s just what the sweetest senior cat Rocky did on September 1st, 2020.

And that’s because for emotional support animal Rocky, his family was celebrating his 15th birthday! 

Rocky joined his home in October of 2005 and has been by their sides ever since. Perhaps it’s because his doting mama is the founder of Love Your Feral Felines in Vista, California. Christine Salinas Hubbard, her husband Todd and their “way too cute for her own good” daughter, Khali, are basically a family of cat whisperers.

However, through the years, the sleek grey feline has remained by his family’s side. And as they grow, they will forever keep him in their home, right next to their hearts.

They have celebrated his birthday on September 1st without fail each year.

Parties range from a simple kitty-cake to a full blown, party-hat wearing shindig. Through each annual celebration, he savors every moment…and morsel!

They’re sure to make the day memorable because Rocky almost didn’t make it to his first birthday.

Rescuing cats is in Christine’s blood. That’s evident with Khali, their daughter. I think it’s wonderful she that was named after their dearly departed cat, Khalil.

So back in 2005 when Christine saw the plea from the local shelter regarding the sweet faced kitten Rocky, she knew he was meant to be with her. The poor kitten only a couple of months old, had been given 24 hours to live. He would then be euthanized.

All because he was suffering from an umbilical hernia, coccidia and ringworm. None of which frightened his family to be. She quickly pulled the kitten from certain death.

It wasn’t long before Rocky had fully healed with love and a simple chance.

The years went by, always quicker than we remember as we look back. Rocky was happy to help his trained humans in any way possible. Need to go on a world wide trip? Let him plan it. Just be sure to check your luggage before you leave for any stowaways!

As with most males, he is a fan of sports. Clearly not so much golf or woman’s soccer. But he may just be upset he doesn’t get to chase the ball

Feeling sick? Let nurse Rocky give you healing purrs and head bumps.

Meanwhile, running an animal rescue or even just being in animal rescue, life takes a toll on you. And after more than a decade of tumultuous, life saving and life ending chaos, Rocky can gift his family back with a special gift.

The special cat was certified as an emotional support animal for when Christine travels.

And for this now senior boy, he couldn’t be happier about their future journeys together!

The Hubbard clan can regularly been seen during the holidays, enjoying the festivities. For the people who say cats and children can’t get along? I beg to differ.

The friendly feline is not opposed to minimally dressing up either. When you look this dapper at his age though, flaunt it!!!

On the most recent annual event, the family hopped into their RV and were off for a camping adventure. Rocky sported his official support animal vest. As always, he proved to be quite the calming travelling companion.

The very happiest of belated birthdays to Rocky and many more to come!!!

Above all, be sure to follow Love Your Feral Felines to see when your next life companion is rescued and ready for adventure!




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