After Meeting A Kitten A Woman Is Unable To Sleep Until She Adopts Him

Despite having a unique ailment that causes him to be extremely shaky, a 2-month-old shelter kitten was nevertheless adopted.

Due to a neurological disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia, Grant is a bit unsteady.

“He doesn’t know he’s any different, and won’t have a lower quality of life,” Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS), told The Dodo earlier this week. “He just is a bit tipsy.”

As The Dodo was putting together this article on the “tipsy” kitten, Grant happened to meet the woman who would give him a forever home.

A woman entered to adopt him while I was down there taking pictures [for The Dodo’s piece], “Hill said on Friday. She had visited the facility the day before to meet him and spent the whole previous evening researching his condition. When we opened this morning, she was first in line to adopt.


After Emma Wheat met Grant, she went home to think about adopting him. Indeed, she found she couldn’t think about anything else.

“I did my research on his condition so I understood a bit more about him and his medical needs,” Wheat told The Dodo. “I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited to come in and adopt him today. I already have little food and water bowls for him!”

Working with children who have developmental challenges is music therapist Emma Wheat. Grant will assist her in showing children that just because a cat is unusual, it doesn’t mean the cat isn’t just as happy as any other cat.

“It just felt right,” Wheat said, “like I had to have him.”

We are overjoyed that we were able to find this match made in heaven, and Grant will spend the rest of his life assisting kids with impairments, added Hill.

Wheat said, “He’s perfect. “I already adore him so much, and he has no idea how spoilt he will become.”

To help AHS continue to find animals like Grant their forever homes, click here.

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