After Mom Is Struck By A Car, All They Can Do Is Huddle For Support, Refusing To Leave One And Other’s Side!

Found huddled together for support after their Mom had been hit by a car, a litter of kittens face an uncertain future.

Thankfully they are found and rescued, and soon brought to ARPO, an animal rescue center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

One kitten stood out from the others, the only tabby she seemed to be the glue that held them all together!

Thought to be about three weeks old, they were going to need around-the-clock care and attention, one white kitten had an injured paw, while two others were a little unsteady on their legs.

There are three girls and one of the white kittens is a boy,” said Lori White, foster volunteer at ARPO. Originally, we thought Cera and Petrie (the two wobbly kittens) had cerebellar hypoplasia, but as it turns out, their muscles just took longer to get strong.”

Soon all the kittens, Ducky, Cera, Petrie, and Littlefoot, were making progress. However, “Petrie had a warble that was removed from his neck, and Ducky (the tabby) had a scare with aspiration pneumonia and was hospitalized for two days but thankfully recovered.

–Lost and alone after losing mom in a road accident she reaches out to his shoulder and refuses to let go!

–All he can do is cry for help as he lies next to his mother’s motionless body!

Littlefoot, recovered quickly from her injured paw, though smaller than her other three siblings, it didn’t seem to slow her down one bit.

Ducky, the only tabby in the litter, was the calm one who seemed to be the litter anchor, however, she was also the most vocal when mealtime was near. She was also the first to learn to use her litterbox.

Just like her siblings, she adores a good belly rub after her mealtime.

With such good care and attention, the kittens grew very quickly!

Due to this, lots of nap time was required, though when they were awake their room was a hive of activity with lots of scampering, and sneak attacks being the norm.

One thing remained consistent from day one though. The center of attention when they were found, Ducky remained the center of attention still.

Not afraid to voice her opinion on all matters of the day.

Rescued from a fate that doesn’t bear thinking about these kittens have blossomed with the help of their foster family,

Everyone is super playful and affectionate! They should be available for adoption through ARPO early September,” Lori shared.

While Ducky is the most talkative, Littlefoot is probably the most active.

“One of her favorite activities is playing on the stairs. She gets so excited to run up and down.”

There is no doubt these siblings got off to a rough start in life, however, they have made up for that in leaps and bounds.

Looking forward to the life they were always meant to have

Keep up with all the news on these kittens here at Lori’s fosters on Instagram.

Starving, Under All That Fluff She Was Emaciated, Not Leaving The Industrial Bin Once To Take Care Of Herself, Preferring To Care For Her Babies!

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