And all That Fur How to Reduce The Shedding Of your Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are one of the most well-loved cat breeds all over the world. It is a highly popular breed. People love Maine Coons because they are such magnificent cats. One of the things that make Maine Coon cats so distinguishable is their very beautiful coat.

aine Coon cats, as their name states, hail from Maine. They are built to survive harsh winters. To help keep them warm during New England winter, they have two undercoats and one guard coat. Their fur gets even longer around the neck, giving them an appearance of a mane. They also have a thick bushy tail. Their luscious coats in a variety of colors and patterns contribute a lot to their undeniable appea

Will there be a lot of shedding?

With all that fur, surely some might be thinking that there would also be considerable amount of shedding. Definitely there will be shedding. Shedding is a natural way for cats to get rid of dead hair. It’s not to say that all Maine Coon cats will shed so much hair. Each cat has its own shedding cycle. Some Maine Coon cats will shed a lot, some will shed less. There are Maine Coons that shed seasonally; while some shed year round.

How do you reduce the shedding of a Maine Coon cat?

The amount of shedding of Maine Coon may also have something to do with the texture of their coat. To reduce shedding, it is a good idea to keep their coats healthy always. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy fur:

  • Groom your Maine Coon cat regularly. Long-haired cats like Maine Coons require grooming to keep their coats smooth and silky. It is also important to prevent matting. It will be great if you can brush your Maine Coon cat’s fur daily. But if that is not possible, make sure to have a weekly grooming session with your cat.
  • Bathing will help a lot in maintaining a well-groomed cat. This may be easier said than done since most cats don’t like bathing. However, Maine Coon cats are one of those breeds that can tolerate the water. It doesn’t mean that they will love it though. So it’s best to get them accustomed to bathing while they are still young.
  • If bathing is too hard, there are some cleaning products that can help with cleaning your Maine Coon’s fur. There are available cat wipes and even spritz-on cleaners.
  • Your Maine Coon cat’s diet also plays a part in making its coat healthy. Cat food with good amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can keep your cat’s coat smooth, shiny and healthy.
  • Make sure to keep your Maine Coon cats parasite-free. Check for fleas if you notice that your cat scratches a lot or showing signs of discomfort. If positive for fleas, treat your cat and maintain a good flea-control care.

Rapid Hair Loss

Although shedding is normal, be sure to observe if your Maine Coon cat seem to be losing too much hair. If your cat is experiencing rapid hair loss, there may be a health-related cause. It is best to take your Maine Coon for a visit to the vet to check what might be causing the issue. Some possible causes might be allergies, parasites, unsubstantial diet or even stress.

Managing shedding in your home

Cats love napping! Preparing a nice, comfortable cat bed for your Maine Coon cat will not only give it a wonderful snooze time but will also contain the shedding to that area. Vacuum regularly; vacuums can be a great ally! Lint rollers can also come in handy to manage fur on clothes or linens.


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