Boy Caught Visit Neighbor’s “Misunderstood Cat In The Cutest Way

Ace is a truly kind cat that is unique on the inside and out.

Ace lost one of his eyes shortly after being found as a stray kitten due to an illness. Ace’s outer look has caused some of the new people he encounters to misinterpret him, even though this fact has never slowed him down or lessened his love for life.

Ace’s owner, Norma Maikovich, admitted to The Dodo that Ace occasionally came off as frightening, especially to young children. Many times, people are reluctant to greet him.

But that’s obviously not the case for everyone, as Maikovich quickly discovered.

Ace frequently chooses to spend his days lounging on the porch out front, so as a precaution, Maikovich set up a home security camera to keep tabs on him. Little could she have guessed at the beautiful friendship the camera would catch blossoming.

“When looking at the footage, we noticed one particular boy tends to visit almost every single day,” Maikovich said.

Turns out, a young neighbor has made a routine of stopping by to spend time with the “scary” cat — and Ace clearly adores him for it. Here’s video of one such visit:

The news that Ace had acquired a friend who accepts him for who he really is moved Maikovich and her family to tears.

Not only did we see how much Ace adores this boy, but also how comfortable they were with one another, she exclaimed. “Ace is seated at the entrance and runs out to meet his pal as soon as he sees him. This relationship they have is amazing.”

Maikovich has now told the youngster that he is welcome at any time, just in case the boy thought he had to be covert in his visits.

She said, “A friend of Ace’s is a friend of ours.” “Once we realized that they were fast friends, it made us really happy.”

Ace, certainly, is happy, too.

Although, regrettably, some people may still avoid Ace because he is unique, they are the ones who will be losing out. Because only those who dig a bit deeper, like this sweet neighbor youngster, are able to see the beauty of his character.

And it holds true for all animals that stand out a little from the rest.

It simply goes to prove that outward looks aren’t everything, Maikovich said, “Ace isn’t a terrifying person.” “Watching the video of Ace and his pal truly illustrates that when given the chance of life, love, and a family, animals with unique needs and disabilities are worth it too,” one person said.


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