Cat Arrives Home with A Note Disclosing Her Secret Family

A Californian guy was shocked one day when his girlfriend’s cat showed up at his door with a message. Nala’s collar was marked with a message that read:

“I don’t know who the owner of this cat is, but she frequently comes to see us. She will meow outside our back door until we open it for her. Once inside, she winds herself around our legs, roams the house as if it were her own, and waits by the refrigerator until my husband or I give her some baloney.

She doesn’t really enjoy our cat food. Her trips are eagerly anticipated. This year, we lost our 21-year-old cat.

Soon, others started to write in with their own stories. Check them out below, or submit your own!

“[She] came home with this note”

“I don’t know who this cat belongs to, but she comes visits us every few weeks. She’ll meow outside our back door until we let her in, she wounds herself around our legs, walks about the house like it’s hers, waits @ the fridge until my husband or I fed her baloney. She doesn’t like our cat food very much! We look forward to her visits. We lost our 21 yr old cat this yr.”

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