Cat Loves Sinks So Much Her Family Bought One Just For Her

Lazuli’s family soon learned that she really, truly likes sinks after taking in Lazuli and her sister Lapis when they were only small kittens.


Lazuli will loiter around the sinks near her home for a number of hours every day. Her parents finally had a fantastic idea because she loves them so much: why not get her a sink of her own?

Lazuli’s father, Brennan, who asked that his last name not be used, told The Dodo, “She kept slipping into the restrooms as we were leaving them to relax in sinks and then would cry for assistance when she realized she was left in there without the rest of her pack/pride.”

Lazuli and Lapis have their own room in the house, so their parents decided to buy Lazuli her very own sink to put in there. They headed off to Home Depot, and after browsing through different sinks, picked out one they thought that Lazuli would love the most and brought it home.

“It was only like 30 bucks which isn’t really much more than most cat trees and toys, so it was worth it,” Brennan said. “It’s not even heavy like you would think so it was easy to set up for her.”

Lazuli was given the sink once it had been all set up, and the joy on her face when she realized it was only for her was just wonderful.

“She is basically stating… ‘Really?! My own sink just for me,’” Brennan said.

“It’s quite popular in the summer, but only with Lazuli,” Brennan said. “The other cats don’t seem to care about it.”

The sink is exclusively for Lazuli, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


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