Cat Settles Right Into A new Place After Being Left Behind Days Later She Has 4 Precious Kittens

A cat settled right into a new place after being left behind. A few days later, she had four precious kittens.

Smokey the cat was found without a home when her previous family moved away and sadly left her behind. “She was found in Brisbane (AU), another casualty of the rental crisis with the cat being left when their owners move,”¬†Best Friends Felines¬†shared.

A kind-hearted lady couldn’t bear seeing the cat out to fend for herself, so she agreed to rescue her and take her in. Little did she know that Smokey didn’t come alone.

When the lady noticed that the cat’s belly got bigger and rounder, she realized Smokey was pregnant

The expectant cat mom would need a lot more care than the lady could provide, so she reached out to Best Friends Felines and asked if they could help Smokey and her babies.

“We agreed, and Smokey was picked up by one of our maternity carers.”

When Smokey stepped paw into her foster home, she instantly relaxed, plopped down on her side, and started kneading away with her happy paws. She was delighted to be back in her element with plenty of good food and soft, snuggly things.

“At her first vet visit, the vet determined that she’s had several litters before, but this will be her last. She is super sweet and smoochy. Her fur is so soft like cotton candy.”

Smokey quickly turned into mush when she was around people. She would purr and stretch her toes in the air while getting her belly rubbed. She was so content to have a safe haven to raise her kittens and a dedicated carer to ride out the journey with her.

A few days after arrival, she was ready and began nesting and showing an abundance of affection. The following day, her belly popped and she brought four precious kittens into the world.

We have four perfect little ones–two girls (a dilute tortie and a torbie) and two boys (solid grey and grey tabby). Smokey is doing great and is a very doting mother.”

Smokey wasted no time and hopped right to work, cleaning and feeding all four hungry mouths without a second to spare.

She is very hesitant to leave her kittens, even for a brief moment. Since the birth of her fur children, she’s been getting the “breakfast in bed” treatment around the clock.

Kerry, the foster mom, is working alongside Smokey, making sure that the momma is replenished, the babies are on the right track with their weights, and the nursery is kept clean and comfy.

It’s teamwork between Smokey and her foster mom, and the kittens are growing like champs and thriving in front of their eyes.

Smokey was given a second chance just in time so her kittens wouldn’t have to be born outside.

When the kittens are weaned and big enough to go off on their own, Smokey will retire from being a mother. She will be cherished and adored for the rest of her life, as the center of attention she ought to be.




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