Cat’s Mom Gives Him 60 New Toys Because He Loves His Mouse Toys So Much

Melinda Hollyfield first met Doc at Puurrrfect Paws Rescue in Tennessee, and she immediately noticed his obsession with mouse toys.

Because he had been attempting to play with his mouse toy in the cage, Hollyfield said that “his cage was a shambles, with food everywhere.”

Little Doc has been following his family around and cuddling with them nonstop for the past six months after being adopted by her after she fell in love with him right away. He is still as energetic and fixated on his favourite mouse toys as he was when his family initially got him.

He plays with his mouse toys daily,” Hollyfield said. “We’ve gone through a selection of toys, but the inexpensive furry mouse toys are always his favorite.”

Doc loves playing with his mouse toys so much that they get worn out very quickly — he usually destroys one or two of them every week.

“I still keep finding destroyed ones in places,” Hollyfield said. “I feel like he hides them from me because he knows I’ll throw them away.”

Hollyfield just discovered that Doc had discovered a method to access the garbage and retrieve out his damaged mouse toys since he couldn’t bear to part with them. She got him a package of 60 mouse toys online because she wanted to do something to make up for all the toys she had to throw away.

Doc was astonished and overjoyed when Hollyfield summoned him over and immediately threw all of the mouse toys on top of him once they arrived.

“He was so overwhelmed,” Hollyfield said. “He had no idea what was happening. He kept looking at one and then another and once they all dropped out, he went wild. I think he sat there and stared at them in disbelief for a minute or so.”

Doc was ecstatic to get so many new mouse toys, and his mother is hoping that he will soon forget about the ones that were thrown out. She placed the most of the 60 toys away so she could keep replacing the ones he breaks, but Doc would much rather be able to play with all of them simultaneously.

Hollyfield added, “We let him pick out three mice and put the rest up for when those are destroyed. He now paws the drawer whenever I’m close to it since he knows where they are.


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