Cats Who Refuse To Accept That Their Boxes Are Too Small

Cats are known for having a fondness for napping in the most unlikely of locations. You’ve probably heard of the saying “if I fits, I sits”. From the smallest of nooks to the slightest of crannies, cats will try to fits and sits in the most uncomfortable of places.
Then of course there are boxes, of all things, seem simply irresistible to our feline friends; but what good is a little box to a large cat? We’ve decided to compile a list of 25 felines that just refuse to accept that their box is just a bit too small. Because if a cat wants to sit, you are not going to stop him.

I may have gained a little weight.”

This box is clearly size-ist.”

“I’m not fat, I’m fluffy”

his really looked bigger from the outside…”

I didn’t even want to fully sits”

Ok, this box fit last week

“All the other boxes were too big”

“This box was clearly not made for a cat with curves”

Shhhh, I’m napping”\


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