Couple Gets Stuck In Mexico For A Year Qecause They Wont Leave Without Their Rescued Kitten

Some individuals choose to leave their jobs, rent or sell their homes, pack their belongings, and tour the world with their spouses, kids, and pets, just like this British couple who chose to see the breathtaking scenery of North America.

Although they have been on the road for two years, the actual highlight of their tale is the stunning kitten they found along the route. They are now unable to envision their lives without their beloved Aimee, to the extent that they are willing to spend a year in Mexico in order to be with her.

Teachers Lee Hodges and Willow Rolfe set off on their tour across North America in their refurbished VW truck in August 2019.

They had been planning the trip for several years, and in 2015 they bought a beat-up truck to fix it up.

Willow was working as a motor vehicle teacher at a mechanic school and spent 2 years fixing and restoring the truck.

While passing through Washington DC, they decided to adopt a little kitten that they had found on the streets and who soon became a member of their family, according to Bored Panda .

They felt the need to rescue a homeless animal, as they have two cats waiting for them at home, which they adore, so they took Aimee in, and she has been traveling with them ever since.

The pair even joke that their beloved Aimee travels better than most people; her life changed completely.

The kitten has also been trained to walk on a leash so she can join in on her parents’ outdoor adventures.

After making a long journey through the United States, the couple decided to go to Mexico with their kitten, in search of new adventures.

Unluckily, Aimee was attacked by a group of dogs due to a mishap, leaving her with a damaged leg. However, despite this, her trio’s wanderlust persisted, and they proceeded after waiting for her cat to get up.

Before the pandemic started, the couple wanted to return home to the UK, but they didn’t want to leave Aimee behind.

The pandemic paralyzed Mexico, and many of its tourist attractions had to be closed to comply with the mandatory isolation decreed by the government. As a result, the trio of adventurers have had to deal with angry locals and health officials as they move from one place to another.

The family’s dependable VW pickup suddenly broke down, leaving them trapped in Mexico despite their determination to go across the Atlantic to get home.

They have been staying there since Aimee was injured and due to quarantine, so their return has faced a year-long delay. Now they have to fix the truck and get to the United States, where the main idea is to take a ferry from one of the seaports.


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