Couple Go to shelter to choose a cat but a blind kitty chooses Them

When Nathaniel and Elliot Green went to adopt a cat on “Free Cat Friday” at the Lynchburg Humane Society they hoped to find a Siamese kitty.

They weren’t expecting that a beautiful blind kitty would actually pick them.

Meet Merlin!

Elliot explains: “It actually was my coworker that convinced me to go in–she had just adopted a cute kitten from there. Browsing through their cat adoption site, Nathanial and I had our hearts set on a Siamese kitten.”

“But by the time I got off work,” he added. “They were all either on hold or already adopted.”

Merlin had been up for adoption for a while but it seemed that no-one wanted to adopt a blind cat, but he was just as beautiful as any of the other cats at the shelter.

The staff at the shelter explained that Merlin didn’t really have any difficulties with his surroundings, he was very chilled and loved to cuddle.

When the Greens took Merlin home he unfortunately suffered a few health issues, he regularly had seizures and his new parents were worried, they had no idea what was causing them

They did some research and discovered that he was allergic to wheat. They switched to wheat-free cat food and thankfully Merlin has been perfectly healthy ever since.

Merlin is a very distinctive looking kitty, his features are quite unique and this is because he belongs to a rare mixed breed called a Napoleon which is a cross of a Munchkin and a Persian cat.

“It’s a pretty new breed–by new I mean 20 to 22 years,” explained his owner.

“Napoleons are pretty small, but they’re able to move around as easily as normal-sized cats. For the most part, they inherit the Persian’s physical characteristics.”

The Greens couldn’t be happier that they found Merlin, “He’s an affectionate cat that loves being acknowledged and held. He’s never destructive or petty, either,” said Elliot.

“Because he was born blind, he really has no concept of fear, and so he’ll attempt to jump off of pretty high places. He doesn’t hide or avoid people–he’ll run-up to the door to meet us and climb all over guests sitting on the couch. His preferred place is on someone’s lap.”

Merlin loves eating watermelon, it also happens to be Elliot’s favorite food, so it’s a regular treat for both of them.

Merlin has been living with the Greens for over two years now and they all love their life together.

They’ve also set up his own Instagram page where he has over 80,000 followers.


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