Cowering In Fear She Soon Finds She Is Not The Only One!

A woman helped a stray kitten who was found hiding on a window sill, and went back to find her cat brother, too.

While she was out on a TNR program in Ohio, Donna, a rescuer, was out assisting a colony of community cats when she saw a tiny kitten cowering on a rotting window ledge. Not having a cat carrier with her she went back to her car to get a container.

“I glanced up to the window sill and saw this kitten shaking, petrified and frozen in fear. She was abandoned at the feral cat colony (that I care for),” Donna said.

I went over and easily grabbed the little one from the window sill. The moment I touched her, she started purring.”

Understandably nervous considering the predicament she was in she seen turned on her purr engine when she realized she was in safe hands. Donna put her into her makeshift carrier and took her new friend, NeNe, to the clinic.

Donna found out from the neighbors that there was another kitten in the company of NeNe, it turned out to be her brother.

It isn’t only aggressive dogs that send shivers of fear up the spines of our postal workers!

–Crying for help, frightened and alone, he is found cowering in fear under the floorboards!

Donna went back for him, “the house is deplorable and now abandoned where they were living.”

When I reunited them it was the sweetest thing. The love they have for each other is so pure and sweet,” said Donna.

“With some good food, a vet checkup and deworming and flea treatment, they were good as new. Both these little ones had a rough start but it’s all behind them now.”

The feline brother, Nico, had a lot of fluff and was almost one pound lighter than NeNe. Despite being smaller, he took on the role of big brother and always looked out for his sister.

Much fluffier than NeNe, Nico was actually almost one pound lighter, though he took the role of big brother and protector very seriously.

“NeNe couldn’t figure out the litter box until Nico arrived. He showed her the ropes. This 1.7-pound kitten knew right away what to do and NeNe followed in his footsteps.”

Soon the siblings found themselves in a larger playpen with much more room to stretch their legs.

“They had an absolute blast with more room and toys galore. Nico was gaining weight but still a pound smaller. He gave NeNe a run for her money and held his own,” Donna added

They play hard with each other, but the minute you touch them, they start to purr. They are pure joy.”

“NeNe and Nico met another foster kitten, Willow, and welcomed her as one of them. “Nico was the moderator between the girls. He taught them how to play and get along.”

Very close, these two share a very special bond. “They love to cuddle, purr nonstop, and bring nothing but smiles and laughs.”

Making progress in leaps and bounds, NeNe and Nico were put up for adoption through Cats are People Too Club

“Nico and NeNe have found their family and get to stay together! No words to describe everyone’s joy,” CAPT wrote.

“They soaked up every ounce of love we gave them after I saved them from a life of horror,” Donna shared.

“They are well-rounded, fun little fluff balls who are ready to give (their forever family) years and years of joy and love.”

eep up with all the news at Donna’s rescues here on Instagram.

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