Dad Cat Meets His Baby Kittens for the First Time!,

I feel like these cats have a very strong friendship bond. Wether dad fully realizes the kids are his or no, he’s like “ok well you seem to like these little things so I guess I do too.” Very sweet!❤️

I love how both of the parents seem to have very mixed feelings about this. the dad wants to be close by but at the same time he’s veeeery uncomfortable with it, while the mom wants to show him the kittens she also doesn’t fully trust him with them. I wish this new family all the best <3
Awe! Poor Papa isn’t sure about these little moving beings..🤭😃 I love how mama was so protective over them, even from Cat dad. Thank you for sharing this precious moment of a new day in their lives. That last shot of all of them together on the blanky was a purrfect ending to what seemed like a stressful day for papa kitty. Thank you! Hope the little ones are able to approach their dad, eventually. Let us know with more videos. 🐈‍⬛💖🙏🐈

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