Dirtiest Kittens Found In Auto Repair Shop Get Amazing Tune UP Transformation

There are many dangerous places for kitties to be living in, and there are some places you would never expect to find them. This group of adorable kittens was found in an auto repair shop and it gets even more interesting from there.

Greenpoint Cats is a local nonprofit trap-neuter-release (TNR) group in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn, NYC. One day, they found out from another local group, Los Sures Cats Williamsburg that some kittens were seen in an auto repair shop. But here’s the bigger problem: the kittens were living in amongst the dangerous machinery. That’s a no-bueno place for some kittens to be living!

That’s when Los Sures Cats teamed up with Greenpoint Cats to get the cats to safety. When the cats arrived in a worn cardboard box, there were only two of them. However, the rescuers heard there were six kittens, so where did the other four go? Fortunately, the caretaker of the shop had given away the other four to new homes. Let’s hope those new homes are warm, loving, and with lots of treats and toys.

Naturally, the two kittens had to be given car-related names. So, Greenpoint chose the names Purrelli and Michelin after tires! Then, the rescuers took a video and uploaded it to Instagram, showing them meeting the two lucky kittens.

First, they took them out of the cardboard box and checked them over. Surprisingly, the kitties were super chill about the whole thing! Coming out of the box, these greasy monkeys were extremely dirty and in need of a nice bath. At first, bathing was a no-go for the two furry babies until they got used to everyone around them. Eventually, Purrelli and Michelin relaxed somewhat but still gave everyone the “mean mug” and added a few hisses as the cherry on top.

Ooooh!! All dirty Mcsquirty!! Look forward to seeing squeaky clean kittens after their bath 🛁 😍”-drsaroyan

From Dirty to Purrty

Remember how dirty and unkept they were in those videos? Well, they finally got their much-needed bath, and off to their foster home at Clever Pooch Academy. Safe in foster care, the bonded sisters entire personalities changed! Amazingly, Purrelli and Michelin went from hissing and scared to being the most precious sweet and confident kittens you ever saw. Look at how beautiful they are today!

“From hissing to sitting on laps.”-lesaleggore

Recently, Greenpoint held a local adoption event and these two were up for grabs. We can’t wait to see these two in their adventures in their new home!





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