Family Creates A Custom Aquarium For Their Fish Obsessed Cat

For better or worse, scuba diving with cats isn’t something that ever really caught on. But thanks to a little ingenuity on the part of his parents, this fish-loving cat named Jasper is getting to experience the next closest thing.

And the best part of all? He doesn’t even have to get wet.

Jasper previously had to sit outside his brothers’ fish tank to observe their vibrantly scaled siblings, which was hardly an immersive experience.

Then, though, Jasper’s family had a thought.

To give Jasper a 360-degree view of all his fish companions, they had a special aquarium built with an underwater nook at the bottom.

Fortunately, the fish don’t seem to mind when Jasper looks in on them from within the personalized tank.

But Jasper obviously enjoys it.
The fact that Jasper’s family didn’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining a customized aquarium tank specifically for his delight makes it all seem worthwhile, thoug



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