Football Playing Goalkeeper Cat Springs Into Action As The Crowds Roar

We’ve seen cats “play” sports in the Kitten Bowl and run across football fields. But have you seen a cat who enjoys playing as a goalkeeper in a football (or what those of us in the states call soccer) game? 

A cute black and white kitty has gone viral on TikTok as he runs down and tackles a ball with gusto. At first, the cat would hide in the bushes, waiting for the ball to come. Then, the cat goes on the attack, clinging to the ball and rolling over, tumbling in the grass.

TikToker Wichi2702 shared the video, comparing the kitty to famed football (soccer) goalkeeper Máximo Banguera from Ecuador. There, he’s considered a number one player, appearing in hundreds of games with the Barcelona Sporting Club (BSC).

“Not even Banguera dared to do so much in the BSC,” they captioned the TikTok.

A couple of months later, the cat was back on TikTok, but the cat had upped the game this time. Now, the pretty cat was playing goalkeeper in front of a net, actively tackling the footballs. You can see this cat means business.

The TikToker was comparing the kitty to the “Caliente Agustín Rossi,” a football player from Argentina.

Days later, the football-playing cat went viral. This time, the net was bigger, and the cat’s game was incredible. As the ball came down the grass, the cat launched into the air to tackle it, with mixed results. But how the cat playfully rolls in the grass to catch the ball is hilarious. This kitty even seems to know the camera is on, looking right at the camera.

The TikToker compared the cat’s game this time to the Oblak competition in Madrid, tagging Athletics of Madrid. Soon, it has many millions of views, currently at over 16M. You can see why because this cat is a natural goalkeeper.

A follow-up TikTok, the next month of August, shows this cat still loves practicing football. As the ball comes down the grassy area, the kitty seems to have the greatest time chasing it. The rowdy antics might seem surprising for a cat chasing such a large ball.

This time, the TikToker calls out the Boca Juniors Athletic Club from Argentina and Sergio ‘Chiquito’ Romero, their goalkeeper. Last year, the champion goalkeeper had to have surgery for a knee injury but fortunately bounced backlike this cat, after tackling the football with ease.

This football-playing cat is impressive, but cats are incredibly athletic gymnastic wonders. For example, another cat went viral on TikTok for catching just about anything, including a potted plant.

We leave you with a throwback to 2012, when a tiny kitten named Cole played with Jess’s socks! (A “toy” that remains in the cats toybox to this day



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