For A Weary Stray Cat A Kind Street Musician Plays A Lullaby

The stray cat only wanted a comfortable spot to slumber when he came up to a friendly stranger’s performance. He wasn’t looking for a concert.

Fortunately, he discovered that to be the case.

The tired cat carefully searched a metro station in Istanbul before settling on the ideal place to curl up and take a nap. The cat approached a musician in close proximity, yet he showed little interest in the musician’s performance. The cat felt that the man’s case, which included his Cura, a Turkish folk instrument with strings, was the perfect spot to rest his eyes because it was so comfy.

“I saw that cat in Metro İstanbul,” Alp, the man who took the sweet picture, told The Dodo. “As you can understand by the photo, it is a stray cat. Unfortunately, I do not know the name.”

Alp didn’t want to bother the cat, so he quietly pulled out his phone to get the shot before stepping away.

In Istanbul, street cats are commonplace, according to Alp. We avoid using the word “stray” since locals frequently feed them and consider themselves to be their owners. We allowed them to go free.

Alp said that despite having never seen either the performance or the cat before, he was glad to have come upon them both. The cat appeared satisfied to let the music put him to sleep in the middle of a bustling metropolis, and Alp liked seeing the serene kitty.


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