Foster Kitten Molly Goes from ‘Potato with Legs’ to ‘Nose-Freckle Queen’

Windy City Fosters, a Chicago-based foster home, shared the story of Molly, the kitten. She arrived from Chicago Animal Care & Control, requiring urgent rescue, covered in fleas. After a dish soap bath, the fleas were done for, and the cute kitten began nursing from a bottle.

For foster provider Alyssa Masten, Molly was exactly what she was looking for, and she jumped at the opportunity. Why? Another “incubaby” named Ducky was already in care and about the same age.  

Ducky is approaching the critical socialization age where having a playmate will teach him how to be a cat and decrease the likelihood of behavioral problems. So when I saw Molly, a kitten his age, posted needing urgent rescue I jumped at the opportunity!” she wrote.

Ducky is a black kitten who arrived one July night at just one day old, requiring an incubator and round-the-clock bottle-feeding.

“He is 90 grams and was found outside as a stray. Of course, I took him—newborn orphaned singleton black kittens are kind of my jam,” said Masten.

For days, Ducky’s eyes remained closed, and it was exciting when he opened them.

“One of the best parts about bottle babies? Ear wigglessss.💕”

We had to laugh looking at her potato-like body and milk-stained mouth. She really does look somewhat like a “potato with legs,” and check out those cute “toe beans.” Simply too cute.

Aside from her tuber-shaped body, Molly also boasts adorable nose freckles and beautiful blue kitten eyes.

“I hope baby Molls and her lil nose freckles are a good end to your Saturday!🥰”


For the tiny kitten, nothing in the world matters aside from her bottle and avocado toy, and sometimes Ducky when he’s nice.

“Oh, Molly. There’s not much goin’ on behind those beautiful blue eyes. She loves her bottle and she loves her stuffed avocado feather toy I brought home the other today. Oh, and Ducky but only when he’s being nice and not tackling her. She lives a nice simple life, not a care in the world.💕” 


Just like Ducky, Molls wiggles her ears when bottle-feeding.

“A late-night video of Molly that nobody asked for but everybody needed. The girl’s got the ear wiggle thing DOWN.✈️.”

By September, she was doing great and had lots to tell her foster momma.  

“What do you think she’s trying to tell me?🤔”

Then, in October, it seems Molly was much more content, a relatively easy-to-please, purring “unproblematic queen.”

“She had always been such a quiet kitten and doesn’t ask for much. You won’t see her screaming for food, tackling other kittens, or trying to escape her playpen. She just wants snacks and a nice good high-up place to sit, take naps, and watch the world. You wouldn’t think she ever purrs until she curls up next to your head, and you realize she’s been purring quietly the whole time. She’s an unproblematic queen.👑”

In the comments, many people remarked at what a beauty Molly had become.

“Happy Saturday from Molly the nose-freckle Queen who can’t decide whether she’s a tabby kitten or a ginger kitten so she just said, “why not both?” #tabico

Meanwhile, Ducky was growing into a picture-perfect cat posing for Halloween. Soon, both these little cuties will be ready for their forever homes, thanks to the incredible dedication and hard work of Windy City Fosters.

For updates on Molly, Ducky, and many other adorable foster kittens, follow Windy City Fosters, where you may donate to help incubabies, potatoes with legs, tabicos, and more.

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