Fromer Feral And Aggressive Cat Potato Gets His First Kiss Ever

Here’s a lovely update on Potato, a formerly aggressive feral cat who transformed with help from experienced foster provider Grace from Los Angeles. 

A quick recap: Potato was just an hour from being euthanized in a shelter when Grace rushed to save him. The shelter determined he was “untouchable,” and sadly the traumatized cat was. But with Grace’s patience, determination, and some singing, the cat made a remarkable transformation, slowly learning to trust her. It was risky and Grace got scratched, but she refused to give up on this cat.

Such a transformation isn’t always possible, and some cats will always be feral, which is fine. But this cat has done a complete 180º, turning into a playful love bug thanks to his mama.

By week 6, Potato was still reflexively swatting sometimes, but Grace kept working with him, teaching him that aggressive behavior isn’t rewarded. She would patiently tell him no and withdraw affection. Soon afterward, he decided he was a lap cat and made biscuits on a blanket.

“Never in a million years did I think this would happen… but here we are! 6 weeks of love and patience, and now Potato is officially a lap cat 🤯😭”


Then, Potato started meeting the other animals and made tremendous strides. However, he did have a scuffle with Grace’s cat Kitty Boy, and eventually, it became clear he would probably be better as a solitary pet in the long-run.

When Grace had to go on a trip, she had to let Catherine, another foster for Boomer’s Buddies, care for him. At first, Grace wasn’t sure how he would do, but he did great, acting like the friendliest house cat. Ameowzingly, he learned to trust a new person very quickly.

“I nearly cried! I am so proud of how far he’s come. It’s so hard to believe that this is the same cat I rescued 3 months ago! The one who hid for over 3 weeks and would hiss & swat at me every time I got close. Look at him now! 😭” wrote Grace.

This cat made an incredible transformation, and by the end of October, Grace knew he was ready to find a forever home. To be able to continue saving cats, foster providers must say goodbye, even when the bond is so close.

He’s a rehabilitated wonder who loves attention but needs someone who understands that he still has street cat instincts. When overstimulated, he can still be pretty rough around the edges.

“He is looking for an angel who is willing to give him the patience and love he deserves. Can someone please open up their heart and home to this sweet, misunderstood boy? Potato is approximately 5 years old and is FIV+. He was labeled as feral and aggressive at the shelter, but after 3 months of rehabilitation, he is already a completely different cat… a cat who clearly wants love! 🥰”

Recently, Potato got his first kiss for the first time and purred while Grace petted him. What a beautifully tender moment for a formerly aggressive cat. Would you ever guess?

At the time of the writing, he’s still seeking a forever home in the L.A. area. To learn more, you can follow Grace, Potato, and the foster babies on Instagram.

“Potato just got kissed for the first time in his entire life! What a special little moment 🥹! P.S. Potato is still looking for his forever home!!! 





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