Guy Desired A Large Dog But Received A Little Hairless Kitten Instead

Marcus is a large man with several tattoos. He believed that a large dog would be the greatest choice for him as a pet given his appearance. However, after seeing a little, hairless cat named Dobby, he had a change of heart.

When Marcus brought Dobby home, he fell in love with it immediately. The kitten also loves his parents, especially his dad so much. He always asks to come into his dad’s shirt, pokes his head out, and just hangs out.


Just like other cats, Dobby doesn’t like water. He is scared whenever his dad baths him. However, when Marcus brought Dobby in over the sink to bring it closer to him, he calmed down. “I’m allowed to put him close to me and wash him. He is calm and relax.”

“I was used to enormous, gigantic 100-pound or more dogs. I initially believed it to be the honeymoon period where I was simply enamored with him and wanted to be with him. But weeks and months have gone, and I’m still not ready to ever be apart from this child,” Marcus said.

Marcus never wanted a cat until he had Dobby. Special thanks Marcus for sharing the story with us. If you love Dobby, you can keep up with him on Instagram and TikTok.

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