Highway The Abused Cat s Life Takes Happy Tum Thanks To Rescuers

Here is the story of a black-and-white cat named Highway, and at first, it’s heartbreaking and highly disturbing. Fortunately, due to the kindness of rescuers and the generosity of strangers, this kitty’s life takes a wonderful turn.

So, how did this cat receive his name? Highway received his name from the New Canaan Police Department, who found the cat inside a pet carrier. Then, the animal control officer took the cat straightaway to the veterinarian. From there, rescuers from the nonprofit Pets Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk (PAWS) would need to raise funds for lifesaving and expensive health care.

On January 24, someone left Highway at a rest stop near Interstate 95 in the coastal town of Darien, Connecticut. That day, it was freezing cold, with temperatures not exceeding 31 degrees.

Inside, the friendly cat was badly injured and in “terrible pain.” Sadly, he had two broken front legs, and it appears someone may have punctured one of his eyes. 

After receiving care, Pets Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) surgeon Dr. Adrien Zap suspected Highway’s eye and broken legs were “most likely caused by prior abuse,” reported the Stamford Advocate. 

According to PAWS executive director Ellen Simmonds, the veterinarians believe Highway’s eye was “puncutured with a sharp object.”

Notably, it was one of the worst cases of animal abuse they had ever seen.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe anyone would be so cruel,” said Simmonds.


Disgustingly, after someone possibly attacked the cat, they or someone who found him abandoned him in the cold.

Now, State Police are investigating Highway’s case. If you have information about what happened, you can call 203-594-3500.

🛣️ A Turn to Kindness and Generosity 🛣️

Although Highway suffered unimaginable abuse and suffering, he “maintains a sweet temperament and disposition,” Simmonds says.

As you can see in the video from NBC Connecticut, the cat still tries to walk, meowing and looking for affection.

“The thing about Highway that really touches your heart is his sweetness. And, I don’t know why, but animals that have terrible issues and injuries sometimes happen to be the sweetest and most courageous animals,” she told NBC Connecticut.

Now, he required surgery for his eye and metal plates to repair “severe and disjointed” front legs.

PAWs gave a Facebook update on Highway’s condition following eye surgery. Thankfully, he pulled through and no longer has pain in his eye. Next, veterinarians will address his leg injuries.

As you can see below, love surrounds this kitty now. Thanks to generous donations, veterinarians will be able to give him a new start in life. If you would like to donate, visit PAW’s website here.

💖Highway is On the Way to Better Days 💖

Today, the kitty is resting and comfortable.

“A big thank you to all who donated to Highway’s care. Great news! Highway has undergone a successful eye removal. He tolerated the surgery well and is now recovering and resting comfortably,” they wrote.

Wonderfully, Highway is safe and in the best hands possible. Eventually, he will be ready to find a loving forever home.

“Highway is one of the lucky ones. He is away from his abuser(s) and is now surrounded by love and care from the staff/volunteers at PAWS. We’ll keep you posted on his many steps to his recovery. But thanks to your generosity and kindness, Highway is on his way!”

After months of recovery,  Simmonds thinks the right family will adopt him very quickly.


Video by NBC Connecticut below:





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