‘I Feel Whole Again’ Woman Reunited with Beloved Cat Years After Violent Attack

Keesha Davis adopted Baloo, a grey and white tuxedo cat, from a Seattle animal shelter when he was around a year old. She loved Baloo, an exceptionally smart, loving cat who never tired of affection. 

Three years later, she, Baloo, and her dog Penny traveled to Oregon City with her then-boyfriend Eric Alsobrook. They lived in an RV as Alsobrook hoped to work at a popular RV camping park along the Willamette River. It sounded like a permanent vacation, but then something horrific happened.

One night in the RV, Alsobrook violently attacked Davis with a knife. According to Veterinarian News, she suffered horrendous injuries.

Even during the attack, Davis was concerned for Baloo, worrying he would escape and run off. Then, Alsobrook drove away with Davis in the RV, ending up downtown. Fortunately, police were there and approached the vehicle, stunned to see a bloodied Davis get out.

While recovering in the hospital, Davis thought often about her pets. Unfortunately, her fears about Baloo running away came true, but Penny was returned unharmed to her by authorities.

Even after the vicious assault, she said the worst part was losing Baloo. It was heartbreaking.

“I wanted nothing more than to have him back, nothing in the world,” she said. “That moved me to tears. That was the worst of all, believe it or not.”

Hoping to find him, Davis posted about him on social media. Maybe somebody would see him near the park? But nobody did until years had passed.

After three years, Davis was still heartbroken. One day she returned to her Facebook post from so long ago and wrote, “Still hold hope” in the comments. Because she did this, it brought the post back to the top. Around that time, another person looking for her lost cat, Kellie Griffiths, left a post about her grey cat named Church.

Meanwhile, a local cat rescuer, Carmela Nielsen, with Our Community Cat Rescue, saw Griffith’s post and responded. She had spotted a stray grey cat at a large hotel along the busy McLoughlin Boulevard. The eight-lane corridor is heavily trafficked and runs along the river where Baloo went missing. 

Hoping the cat was Church, Griffiths went to the hotel. Sure enough, she spotted the cat, but it wasn’t Church. Back home, she returned to the online group about lost pets. That’s when she saw the post about Baloo and recognized him from near the hotel. So, she contacted Davis and told her she was certain she had just seen her missing cat.

Davis knew Baloo was street-wise, so if any cat could make it near the busy street, it would be him. She contacted Our Community Cat Rescue, and that’s when rescuers Nielson and Janice Saban returned to the hotel to try to trap the cat.

“Chances of it being him are slim- but miracles happen everyday,” said the rescue Facebook post.

After a vet checkup, Davis’s Grandmother traveled to Oregon to pick up Baloo. Remarkably, he was doing fine, surviving in a highly dangerous area

Soon after, Davis had a wonderful reunion with her beloved kitty.

It was a healing moment after years of heartbreak.

“I feel whole again,” she said. 

She also decided Baloo would always be an indoor kitty where he would stay safe from then on. In the video, you can feel the love in the room as the two make up for lost time.

Video by The Oregonian:





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