Injured Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life After Being Rescued From Manhole

The outside world can be a dangerous place for dogs. Their natural curiosity can sometimes land them in a sticky situation.

And to make matters worse, if the dog is a stray, it isn’t always guaranteed that help with come. But luckily for the strays of the world, there are good people out there who make it their mission to help. Take rescuer, Chernyshkova for example.

Chernyshkova was called out to assist a dog that was in pretty bad shape. The poor thing had ended up stuck beneath a manhole cover, and the clock was ticking on getting him rescued.


There were several people nearby who saw the trapped dog and stepped in to help get him out, but they quickly realized he was in need of more professional help. All the odds seemed to be stacked against the poor boy. He was injured, as well as terrified and starving.

Chernyshkova noticed that the dog was quite hungry, and seemed afraid that others would try to take his food away before he had a chance to eat it.

On top of that, his back leg was badly injured and just sort of hung on him. It was clear that the injury would most likely require surgery. The dog, later named Shustrik, would go on to get surgery on his leg in order to start the healing process.

But given all the traumas he’d been through living life on the street, it took Shustrik a little while to fully warm up to those who were trying to help him.

But he was eventually won over with lots of care, love, and patience, and that is when the sweet pup’s personality really got a chance to shine! It’s also when he got to fully embrace a brand new life as well!

Watch the rescue below:

We’re so happy this story had a happy ending. How about you? Let us know!


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