Lost Kitten Accidentally Gets Stuck Under Car But Good Mechanics Saves It

An exhausted and terrified 9-week-old kitten was discovered after spending many hours stuck under a vehicle. The man was waiting at the drive-through window at a Hardee’s restaurant in Frankfort, Kentucky, when the kitty managed to get herself under his car.

The fast food employees noticed that there was a loud meowing sound coming through the speaker and they spotted there was a kitten stuck underneath his car, and it was clear she had no way of getting out on her own.

Everyone was incredibly worried about the tiny kitten, and hoped they could rescue her from the car as quickly as possible. Luckily, some mechanics from Midas of Frankfort, a nearby auto shop, came to save the poor kitten.

D. Scott Bourne, owner and managing director of the Midas of Frankfort, told The Dodo that the woman “tried to crawl through a hole in the rear subframe and was wedged after discovering she couldn’t retreat rearward.”

The bottom of the automobile had to be disassembled in order to save the cat in a secure manner. The owner of the automobile concurred, and the mechanics started to disassemble it in order to release her. To make her realize that they were there to assist her, they even spoke to her and gave her a gentle pet.

“She was very docile as she was very tired and dehydrated,” Bourne said. “It was 90-plus degrees outside, and hard telling how hot it was under the vehicle.”

Finally, after an hour of rear subframe removal, they were able to get the cat out safe and sound. The car owner was so grateful to the mechanics for helping out and even offered to pay the Midas team, but they declined because all they had wanted was to help the kitten.

The kitten, called Marigold, was transported to the veterinarian the next morning after being cared for by her rescuers overnight. She had a few scratches, but the veterinarian found that she was otherwise very healthy.

Marigold has been adopted and is now living a happy life in her new home because of the compassion and perseverance of her rescuers. Nobody is really sure how she got under the car or where she came from, but we are so grateful that she was able to find the loving home she so richly deserves.

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