Lu the Kitten Was Born without Eyes, but Nothing Holds Her Back

Luna, or Lu for short, is a blind tortoiseshell kitten from Charlotte, NC, born without eyes, but she lives happily with sisters Ruby and Maggie, the dog. There are also foster babies she meets in the home. Although she’s blind, there’s “no need to worry, as nothing can stop” the little one. 

Veterinarians diagnosed the tortie kitten with rare congenital anophthalmia and malformed eyelids. One day when she’s ready, she’ll need surgery. In her case, it was caused by a genetic mutation, but sometimes, exposure to a virus during fetal development can cause the condition. With veterinary care, these kitties are amazing, doing things like other cats but with limited or no vision.

Mom’s Office Assistant and Gardener

Lu climbs her cat tree and navigates the home easily, enjoying play like any kitten. Meanwhile, she’s also Mom’s office assistant while she’s working. Sometimes, the kitten is a gardener who rolls in the dirt when Mom works on her plants.

As we’ve seen before, blind kittens and cats are incredibly adaptable. Many times, you wouldn’t necessarily know they had any vision problems at all. For instance, here’s Lu playing on the carpeted stairs with sister Ruby in early July.

Seeing the kitten in action led to creating the “Lu Can Do” page on Instagram.

“People often ask Mom what blind kittens can do. She says the shorter list is what we can’t do 💗.”

Ruby or RuRu, also a tortie, was once a feral street cat. Now, she serves as the kitten’s seeing eye cat, helping her when she gets lost. It’s something we’ve seen before and truly remarkable behavior. RuRu is sassy, and her human nicknamed her “sour patch kid.”

For this kitten and her mom, life is all about staying positive. Quite often, Lu offers words of encouragement and love. According to her mom, Lu believes in “aggressive optimism.” And Ruby is always there to back her up.

“Ru believes in aggressive optimism 💥. Ruby wanted to join me for my next video but it turned out a little different than usual…”

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