Magic Happens When Mama Kona the Dog Cares For Teeny Foster Kittens

Mama Kona is the sweetest dog who helps foster kittens for Asa, a rescuer from Arlington, Virginia. This home is like a magical kingdom where kittens, bunnies, and puppies can be seen living in loving harmony. Kona and another pup, Peeby, fit right in with the cutest kitties and bunnies.

When cats like Freckles need a break from caring for their Easter Egg kittens, Mama Kona is there, sweetly babysitting so patiently.

But imagine finding this group on your bed.

“Caturday night bed invasion…+ Kona 🐶 I guess I will sleep on the floor.

You can see that this pup really does love the kittens, the perfect nanny dog. When kittens arrive, the sweet dog welcomes them with her tail wagging.

“HI HELLO, I JUST MET YOU, AND I LOVE YOU!!! -Kona 🐶 That tail tho!!! 😹😭🙈”

Mama Kona Has Too Much Love

The kittens become accustomed to interacting with dogs by spending time with Kona. Thus, they are easier to place in homes where dogs may be present. 

“Oh Kona… she’s just got too much love to give ❤️🤭. It might not look like it here (she’s got the “mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me!” look 🙈) but Nori absolutely loves Kona. Out of her siblings, she’s opened up to the resident dogs the most. Hopefully, we can find you a family with some 🐶 siblings, Nori.”

Mama Kona Magic 🪄

Recently, Mama Kona met “The Teenies,” (Mochi, Nori, Tofu, and Miso), who ended up at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Soon after arriving in foster care, the kittens met Kona, and there was “Mama Kona magic” as they had the best time.

Kona wanted to come into the foster room with her tail wagging. Then this happened (see below):

“I love watching Kona play with the fosters. It’s so cute how gentle she is with the babies

Kona Has Been a Nanny for 5 Years

Soon, Kona was surrounded by Teenies and seemed to be asking Asa a question with her eyes: 

“Kona’s “mom, what have we gotten ourselves into” look. 😹”

Then, she became a jungle gym for the kittens.

“It’s hard work being a jungle gym…😅🙊It’s been 5 years of Kona being mama Kona, but I’m still amazed seeing her so patient with all these little monkeys. 🐵

Even surrounded by playful Teenies, Mama Kona remains gentle and naps as they play around her. Eventually, the kittens get worn out and take naps with their gentle nanny.

Sometimes, an independent kitten prefers the company of Kona. For example, this kitten, Jessee, prefers cuddling with the pup to his littermates. Now, Asa will look for a home where he will have a puppy sibling. But how could any puppy be as sweet as Kona?

For more, you can follow Asa on Instagram and the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.










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