Man Descends Into 25-Foot Deep Fissure In Live Volcano To Rescue Terrified Dog

This is certainly not a dog rescue you see every day!

Malka went missing from his home and was wondering around on the island of Hilo. Luckily, she had a GPS tracker on her collar, which helped her owner and rescuers find her.

They were shocked to find out that Malka had fallen 25-feet down into a fissure caused by a nearby volcano and was absolutely terrified.

Rescuing the dog would prove to be a challenge, and they knew just the man for the job.

Hawaiian vlogger Kawika Singson is very well-known on the island for getting up close and personal with volcanoes and takes photos of the erupting.

Singson received a text about Malka an immediately made the 100-mile drive to try and save the dog.

When Singson arrived, he met with Malka’s owner, Cody, and other people who were there to help. Using climbing equipment, Singson carefully descended into the volcanic fissure.

Singson knew it could be potentially dangerous with high temperatures and toxic gases, but he was determined to save this poor pup’s life.

The whole rescue was caught on Singson’s headcam, which shows him getting closer to the dog. Malka was terrified, whimpering, and hiding in between rock plates.

Luckily, Singson was eventually able to grab Malka by the collar and secure her in a safety harness before ascending back up toward her owner.

Despite falling 25 feet and being without food or water for two days, Malka was unharmed and happy to be alive.

Watch the daring rescue in the video below:

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