Man Discovers The Incredible Cause Of His Nightly Breathing Problems

Achi is a very loving cat that enjoys nothing more than cuddling up next to his devoted owner, Lomphonten Lomphontan of Thailand.

But Lomphonten recently discovered that his most memorable cuddle sessions with his adorable kitty have actually been happening while he’s been having a cold.

A while back, Lomphonten set up a hidden camera at his house to keep tabs on Achi while he’s at work. However, the most interesting footage came when Lomphonten decided to face the camera toward his bed at night — revealing exactly what his cat was up to as he slept.

Achi, it turns out, has been making himself quite comfortable.

Reviewing the video, Lomphonten found that, after he’s dozed off, Achi kicks into action — taking the opportunity to not merely snuggle by his side, but to indulge himself with even more.

Every night, Achi can be seen creeping up onto Lomphonten’s chest and using his paw to indicate that the latter is truly dozing.

Then he collapses into Lomphonten’s face with his entire body.

Essentially, what’s been happening on a nightly basis is that Achi has been choking his owner out — with love, of course.

Lomphonten would not often permit for this aggressive style of cuddling, but before viewing the video, he was not aware of Achi’s bedtime routine.

All those nightmares of suffocation become suddenly intelligible.

“I sat and watched [the footage] one night,” Lomphonten told The Dodo. “It was very funny.”

Lomphonten said, “I feel very much in love with him because he loves me like way.

Lomphonten knows that Achi’s need to be as near to him as possible is actually simply a mirror of what’s in his heart, therefore he has no intentions to stop the cat from making himself as comfy as he desires during the night




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