Man Passing BY A Factory Notices Something A little Strange

Someone little and fluffy who certainly did not belong there was amidst the scrap metal, large inventory, and industrial rubbish bins in a gigantic factory.

And, happily, one worker in the plant saw her little, wide-eyed face.

Anyone would be right to do a double take seeing just the head of a scrappy gray kitten bizarrely sticking out of the side of a big trash bin.

As one person, who observed the odd optics of the photograph on Facebook, rightly observed: “It looks like a sticker!”

As another photograph showed, there was indeed a whole real cat attached to that fuzzy little face — and she needed help out of the very tight spot she’d gotten herself into.

Saving this odd furry creature proved to be a difficult effort.

“After calling around to a few agencies for help, the incident was reported to RSPCA Victoria, and Inspector Maree immediately set off on the rescue mission,” RSPCA Victoria wrote on Facebook. “Once it was established that no amount of lubrication would free the kitten’s head, Maree knew she needed some extra help.”

That’s how the fire department got involved. Firefighters from the Country Fire Authority arrived with a much-needed tool: “After a long hour of careful maneuvering with a small angle grinder, the pipe was finally cut away.”

The little kitten, Piper, was definitely startled but yet grateful when she was saved.

The RSPCA stated that the cat was “cold and feeble, evidently regretting recent escapades, but seemed to realize she was in excellent hands.”

After receiving the cleaning that she sorely needed, Piper was wrapped in some cozy towels.

The RSPCA said that “the tiny fighter has subsequently proven herself to be a loving caring kitten.” She’s ready for some less dangerous adventures in a foster home while she puts on weight after receiving some veterinary attention and tender loving care at our clinic.


Piper, a lovely kitten, is one of hundreds of cats searching for homes through the RSPCA Victoria since it is kitten season (and countless more worldwide).

“Cats usually reproduce in the spring and summer. The kitten season is extending a lot longer than normal after a very hot, dry summer “According to a news release that RSPCA Victoria gave to The Dodo. We now have a significant cat problem as a result.

Because of this, the charity is making it simpler than ever to adopt a homeless cat by abolishing costs for cats older than five months. The RSPCA said that the “No fees for felines” campaign has thus far proven effective. “Giving more individuals the chance to welcome a cat into their homes is something we want to continue doing.


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