Meet Bowie The Hippest Rescue Cat With Different Eyes

The abandoned cat that is all alone Bowie was abandoned in Spain, but happily a veterinary clinic found him and took care of him. His life improved even more when he met Maria Lloret, his forever human, who decided to adopt him after falling in love with him at first sight.

She adopted the feline and gave him the name Bowie in honor of the legendary musician and cat lover David Bowie.

Bowie got that name because of his gorgeous odd-colored eyes. His left eye was damaged, but it resulted in his unique look. Thanks to the dazzling green and blue eyes, he’s a pro at turning on his charm for the camera. And to be totally honest, we can’t get enough of him!

Bowie’s owner enjoys photographing his golden moments since the dog is simultaneously lovely and feisty. In the latter part of 2018, Maria began posting images of Bowie online. His lovely two-colored eyes quickly won the hearts of cat lovers everywhere.

And when this Spanish feline head-turner is a good boy, his mom will take him on some fun and safe adventures. Maria even has a dedicated blog for Bowie in Spanish, with an English translation, where she often shares fun photos of him and stories of them together. Now his Instagram has gained over 32.000 followers, and his pics are awesome.

As you can see in these pictures below, Bowie has no complaints about exploring new things and he knows how to make his photos look professional. He was simply born to be a cat star!

As a supporter of animal adoption, Maria hopes that sharing Bowie’s photos with the world can spread happiness, remind people of the power of adopting, and inspire them to ’adopt don’t shop.’

Thanks for sharing him with the world, Maria. You and your cat are so great.

Would you want to see more images of this charming boy? Please give him a like on Facebook or Instagram. You may also visit Bowie The Cat’s blog, which features a lot of his amusing and adorable pictures.

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