MEET ‘Chonk’ The Cat rescued from street won’t stop Talking

Chonk, you have the type of personality I love. My kitty Mr. Patches is so much like you. He is 17 months old now and I rescued him from a farm. If I say one word, he has two or three to say back to me. What a cool cat. Knows what its like to struggle, doesn’t have to struggle now, but knows that if he plays his cards right and shows enough love, he will get love back and everything else provided, and this cat knows what it means to show people he can care for you just as much. I love the talking, I am jealous of that…I feel like a cat showing that much attention, affection and even attitude is a huge sign of respect and appreciation, you are blessed, and so is that cat.

This is EXACTLY like my ginger Theo! He talks TO ANYONE and NO ONE! Everyone will be in the living room and we’ll hear him talking in the bedroom (not like he’s calling out to us but like he’s having a conversation with someone in the room when there’s no one there) 🤣 we have full on conversations with him and his responses are usually very spot on! He’s a bit of a chonk too.


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