Meet Kiki, The Lovely Cat That Lives With 3 Dogs And Acts Just Like He’s Part Of The Gang

Kiki loves his brothers Saki, Ibuki and Hazuki and even though they look slightly different from him, he always has a lot of fun with them,

While his brothers are all Shiba Inus, Kiki happens to be an American shorthair, but despite this, Kiki never feels out of place.

The little feline feels like he’s exactly like his canine brothers and he’s not afraid to act like it either. Whatever his brothers are up to, Kiki is definitely down for it.

Saki, Ibuki and Hazuki treat Kiki just like they treat each other, and the lovely, cuddly little quartet is pretty much inseparable.

The little cat just looks so confident in his place in the group.

Here are some sweet and funny pictures of the lovely gang that are sure to make your day a bit brighter.



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