Meet New Adorable Adopted Kittens and Adult Cat Play With For The First Time | Kittens First Day New Home (Video)

We’ve adopted two kittens! they are the biological brothers of our first cat, Gucci. First we took Angelo (the white one) but saw that he became sad without his brother so we also adopted Oliver (The silver one). They are very attached to each other and are inseparable. I was so happy to see this new video with the adoption of Angelo and Oliver… I’ve been watching this channel from the very beginning when you 1st adopted Gucci and I could certainly tell after some time passed, that Gucci was lonely… I was able to sense that just from watching these videos… so today when I saw that he got 2 new playmates I was so happy… You did the right thing by keeping Angelo and Oliver together… Because the bond that these 2 have will make the relationship with Gucci that much stronger because it will come from a place of confidence and security. You can tell Gucci is so very interested in them and has not hissing and he wants to see what’s going on and be a part of it and that’s all very positive and a good sign that this is gonna work out beautifully. Look forward to the video journey of these 3 angels!


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