Meet The One-Eyed Cat That Loves To Surf

This is Kuli the one-eyed cat and he’s been surfing since he was 6 months old!

He was rescued from the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii, by Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, he was very malnourished, weighing only one pound.

Sadly, he then had to have eye surgery due to an infection.

“Kuli started his surf training at four months old after his operation and he was only about six months old that he began surfing,” Alexandra told The Daily Mail.

”His first time in the water, we just let him float on the board by himself near the shoreline and I would paddle around with him.”

“Before we knew it we were looking for waves to surf. For a while I took Kuli out on my long boards, but it wasn’t until I was playing around with a boogie board one day that I realised he really loved to get his claws into the foamy material.”

That was when they decided to buy Kuli a board that he’d be able to get out on the surf with.

“Although he started off life very weak and malnourished, he has grown very quickly into a very tolerant cat and loves the water – probably thanks to the numerous baths he’s had while recovering from his operation,” explained Alexandra.

“Before he could swim confidently on his own, Kuli always wore a life jacket. He still wears it from time to time depending on the conditions — but we are careful not to take him out if it is too windy or the water is too rough,” she added.

surf cat

His humans named him Kuli because it means “to look blind” in Hawaiian.

Before he could swim confidently on his own Kuli always wore a like jacket.

As you will see he’s great at cat-ching waves!

He was first introduced to a longboard before his humans put him on a boogie board so that he could sink his claws into it.

We think he’s the coolest kitty in Hawaii!

Watch the video to see Kuli in action:


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