Meet Yoggie One month old yoggie maine coon kittens ocean yeas

This has to be one of my favorite photos you’ve taken. The way you’ve framed Yoggies paws, the lighting showing every beautiful shade of of his fur, the entire composition is stunning. Just precious & priceless is wise Yoggie! cuteness overload time, here’s yoggie what a stunning grey beauty, with lovely little blue eyes, be quite a stunner when all grown up, another great picture thanks.

It’s a baby! So sweet and fluffy and with the biggest paws ever. I can just imagine scooping Yoggie up and giving many snuggles. He’s gorgeous x what a lovely big fluffy cat he’ll probably grow up to be. You have an absolute amazing gift. There’s people who photograph animals and then there’s you. You have a knack to be able to tell the story of your subject just by how you pick the photo that best suits their personality. I’d say by how you ‘pose them’ but I know you can’t put them in a certain position and expect them to stay. Lol Some, maybe even most, will, but I truly want to believe that it’s you that has a special way, that special ‘eye’, that can capture their essence and aura.

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