Mother Cat Calls For Help At The Door

Mother Cat Calls For Help At The Door

I love how she gave each one a bit of attention before going back for the next baby.I can feel the sense of urgency in her steps but she still made sure to give attention to everyone. So precious.Omg she is so cute. Double checking the back, comforting each one of them and when she brought all of them she went out and hung around with the other cats and she said “ma babies need their ma” and went to them and when the person opened the door its like she thanked with her little “meow” i love her.

Heartwarming how the mother cat retrieves her kittens one by one, spending time grooming each one before bringing the next one indoors. She’s really dedicated to her kittens!We forget animals love their babies as much as we love ours. A sweet, good mother. I hope she and her babies have a long, happy, and secure life.i love how at the end she checks if there’s anymore babies like she doesn’t know exactly how many she has.Just double checking. All parents have moments of forgetting how many kids they have.The mother cat is so contented and happy about being able to make her kittens safe. And she is gorgeous.

It’s always so heartwarming to see a kind hearted human let a mama cat care for her babies in his/her house.How sweet is this? ❤ She’s gathering them up. Cleaning them, checking on them. I think she likes her new place she found. She hit the jackpot!This entire video made my heart so happy! What a wonderful mama she is! Thank you for creating and sharing this!What an awesome Momma she is. Watching mother cats with their kittens, trying negotiate human life, is like balm to the soul in these horrid times. Thank you for posting this! Best wishes from Turkiye.

I love how she just said “lots of cats here? Is good, safe space, you take my babies. Open this door. Good. Watch this for a bit.” * fetches more kittens * “we live here now. Thank you.”You’re an absolute darling and an angel, lovely act of kindness and compassion. Thank you for helping these kitties and making this world a better place,one paw at a time.I’m glad this video was recommended to me. It’s just so heartwarming to see this mother cat care for all of her kids ❤. Perfect video to watch at 4 in the morning.I remember walking home at night and a cat just started following me all the way back home. I decided to give her water and some food that night. The next day she came back and had kittens crawling around the front door. She basically was asking me for help and Im happy I listened!

Such a beautiful video illustrating this mother’s love for her babies!!! Life doesn’t get any better than this…Surprised nobody mentioned this but she also seemed like a very freindly cat, meowing at the others as she went by for almost every trip. Very sweet cat.Bless the person who is caring for these innocent cats. Thanks for have a compassionate heart. What a great mama. Hope her babies have a loving happy life.What lovely people to help these special animals. I have lived with cats my entire life and I know that this sweet, devoted mom cat truly appreciates the safety and comfort these generous people afford her and her little babies.such a good mom. She made one last trip to make sure she got them all. Cats are phenomenal mothers.

Absolutely an insane story. So proud of her. She must have been terrified, cornered and alone. It takes a lot of bravery to do what she didI love how she grooms and settles with each one for a little bit before she leaves to go get the next one.Heartwarming video. A determined, protective mother. You are very kind to home so many cats. Thank you for sharing this video.I love how she licks and comforts each kitten after she carries them to their new nest ! And double checks to make sure she has them all – before settling down.This happened to my mum. A stray cat left all of her newborn at her door. They were hours old and really tiny. My mum was an angel she cared for everyone of them until thad homes. So caring making sure each kitten was settled and ok before going back for another one, so precious.

It’s so satisfying to see the mama eating and nursing the babies. All her needs for them are covered here!Awww, she is a great mom. She wanted her babies to be safe & well cared for & took them where she knew that would happen. She made sure to comfort each kitty upon its arrival to its new home, before going out to fetch another sibling. She made certain that she didn’t leave any behind. This video had me smiling from beginning to end. It made my day.I absolutely love this!! I used to rescue kitties. I had a mommy kitty with 3 of her babies. Once they were a year old she was pregnant again and she gave birth in my house. Poor mommy had a difficult birthing process so I had to help 3 of her 5 babies come out. One of them she kept trying to smother bc he wasn’t well. My best friend and I took turns keeping him, feeding him, stimulating his waste and loving on him. Sadly he passed at 2 week. Found out his lungs didn’t fully develop. At 3 weeks, mommy kitty went out and decided not to return for weeks. So I bottle fed the 4 kitties and became mommy. I still have one, Garlic. (The others were adopted) He’s 8 now and still to this day he never leaves my body. When I leave the house even for a few mins, he sits at the front door and cries until I return. You are such a good person taking care of these kitties so wonderfully.

Legend says if you listen closely on a quiet night you can still hear her going back to get more cats until all the stray kitties in the world are home.Note how she puts her tail straight up in a happy body language every time she passes the other cats to show them some non hostile good vibes.Very kind, hardworking and loving mummy cat. Making sure each of her kittens are safe and comfortable and doing the very best she can for them with her tiny strength and little legs.Such a beautiful mother she is determined to find them safe shelter just shows how smart cats really are and she knew exactly how many she had. I help rescue cats and dogs.Really enjoyed this. This mommy is a particularly good mother. Pretty girl, too, and VERY healthy looking. Beautiful, clear, healthy looking eyes and fur. Somebody who obviously loves her has been taking great care of her. Thank you !This was precious. I can almost swear the cat said,”wait a minute!” then came back with another kitten, and was politely saying, “one more!” Them made sure she had all her babies! This was pure instinct and she showed that she wouldn’t stop until her babies were safe. Just too precious..

That mother cat is beautiful! Has a lovely face! And what a mom! Very caring and loving. Please take care of them all.That was so cute how she came with her baby. Then went back again & again till she got all her babies. All the cats looks well fed & happy. God bless! This is so wholesome it’s so nice sing people being hospitable to animals before you’re so nice that people are doing that to animals being hospitable giving them a place to stay.Absolutely loved this video all 5 kittens are so cute and adorable blessed with a loving and caring mother.I love how when she puts on kitten down in the bed, she doesn’t immediately rush to get the next one. Instead she spends time with each kitten to make it settle down in the new environment before going to get the next one.I have a calico, and they are just the best mothers. They get up immediately when one of their kitten cries, and talk to them in a special language that’s between a pur and a light meow. I heard somewhere that cats can’t count past 2, so how did she know she had 4 or 5 kittens? She didn’t. She just returned to the shed outside till there was none left to carry. She’s a keeper.

I love how she’s like “please help me and my baby” “oh yeah I have 2 more” “ oh yeah another one” “oh yeah another one” “oh yeah another one”.She’s a terrific mom, I love how she went back out to the shed to make sure she didn’t leave any of her kittens behind! The person who kept letting her into and out of the house time after time was pretty terrific too.


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