Officer Saving Tiny Kitten From Busy Freeway

It’s possible that the police cap that this adorable little kitten named Libby is sleeping in is theirs because they just saved her life if she appears snug and at ease in it.

The terrifying account of Libby’s rescue by a gallant cop named Cameron Koss was posted by the Livonia Police Department in Michigan on Monday. After discovering the scared kitten in the center of the busy lane on the I-96 highway, a driver phoned for assistance. Because she was lost, Libby was in immediate risk of being run over.

Koss acted without delay.

According to the police department’s web posting, “He encountered the caller on the right shoulder, who pointed out a little black ball hunkered down near to the concrete barrier (left shoulder)”.

“As you can expect, this called for a plan. In an effort to get a good position, Officer Koss and another officer pulled their police cars down the shoulder.”

Libby was now safe — and she knew just who to thank.

She even got to wear his hat. After a brief rest back at the police station, Libby was transported to the Michigan Humane Society. There, she was treated for a respiratory infection, but not before receiving a warm sendoff from Officer Koss.

Libby is presently up for adoption at the Humane Society, where she hopes to be saved once more and placed in her very own loving forever home, an opportunity made possible by the efforts of those who tried to save her.


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