Rescue cat is in shocked that his mother built him A playhouse

When Gandalf was approximately 4 years old, his family decided to give him up since his parents were divorcing and no longer thought they could provide for him. A neighbor who had always desired a cat thought he was the cat for her and adopted him after he was placed with a foster home.

Melissa Losier, Gandalf’s adoptive mother, told The Dodo, “I grieved really for him because just that autumn my own parents had recently split.” Just as much as I needed him, he needed me.

From the moment he moved into his new home, Gandalf absolutely adored his mom. He’s super cuddly with her and most everyone he meets and follows her around all day long, but for some reason, she’s never really had any luck getting him to play with toys.

He is a very chill guy and very well-mannered,” Losier said. “He is not a fan of many toys. I’ve bought so many, and not much interest from him.”

Besides following his mom around, Gandalf’s other favorite thing in the world is taking naps — so one day, his mom decided to make him a “toy” that went with the theme of naps.

“I thought of the idea to make a cute little napping area for him,” Losier said. “He likes the cat post and a bed I had purchased and I thought, ‘Why not make a little hideout?!’”

Losier looked out several quite simple DIY cat homes on YouTube, grabbed the paint, cardboard, and other materials she would need, and started building. She finished building the world’s prettiest tiny cat home four hours later, but she wasn’t sure how Gandalf would react.

Gandalf was astounded and overjoyed by his new home when Losier brought it to him after building it up and furnishing it with some cozy blankets. To her astonishment.

Losier explained, “I put a few snacks inside for him to warm up inside his own little small house.” Sure enough, he adored it, so my efforts had been worth.

Gandalf now enjoys spending a lot of time cuddled up within his cheerful little home. Although it may not be a typical “toy,” it is his favorite spot to play and rest, and he seems really appreciative that his mother took the effort to create such a lovely retreat for him.

“A simple box may have done just the same, but why not make it cute, right?” Losier said.

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