She made a sing because her family s cat loves sleeping in backpack

Andrew Zutty resolved to foster Willow until he could find her a forever home after she walked into the barbershop next to his house two and a half years ago. However, he soon discovered she wasn’t going anywhere.

Truthfully, one glance into her eyes and you’re done, Zutty said, “We were just intending on keeping her until we could find her a home.”

Not long after adopting her, Willow’s family realized that one of her favorite things in the world is finding sneaky hiding spots where she can nap all day.

She’s on the smaller side for a cat, which means the possibilities for potential hiding spots are endless.

Zutty stated, “You’ll frequently be astonished to discover her packed into different items around the home. “Deep, gloomy areas are her favorite hangouts. Inside of bags, behind blankets, furniture, and presumably even inside of my old backpack.

Zutty was planning on getting rid of his old backpack, but as soon as Willow found it lying on the floor, she crawled inside and decided it was her new favorite napping spot. She now spends hours inside it, sleeping the day away, and she’s so tiny and quiet that it’s almost impossible to tell that she’s in there most of the time.

“My roommate smartly realized that this was a recipe for disaster,” Zutty said. “She’s so small that it really just looks like an empty backpack, lying flat on the ground. So he wrote up a great little sign to make sure everyone in the house knew when it was currently occupied.”

Zutty’s roommate was concerned that while Willow was still inside, someone would unintentionally tread on the backpack. He put a sign that read, “Cat inside, do not step” on the rucksack instead of ordering Willow to move, and it seemed to be the best course of action.

Now, Willow can happily sleep curled up inside the backpack for as long as she wants, and her family is reassured that she’ll be safe.

Even if she eventually becomes bored of the backpack, her family will definitely be hanging on to the sign, because who knows where she’ll decide to nap next.

“I’m sure it will continue to come in handy as Willow finds more hiding spots around the house,” Zutty said.

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