Small black stray cat named Salami asks a woman to let her into her house so she can have babies

Ida Floreak is an artist living in New Orleans, USA. She had a male cat who attracted a black stray cat very much.

Ida noticed the black cat coming to visit her beloved one frequently. But then she began to visit the woman more and more often. Ida claimed that the black cat’s affection for her cat was more than the male’s one. She named her Salami.

When the cat came to the woman’s place she meowed in front of the door and the woman opened the door. Before eating she rubbed Ida’s legs and then entered. So they became good friends. Once Salami had problems with her stomach and Ida took her to the veterinarian and the cat got treatment. Soon after the treatment, Ida found out that the cat was pregnant.

One day she came very early. At 5:30 the black cat was meowing in front of Ida’s door. But she meowed in a very unusual way and Ida felt that. She thought that labor day had come. She prepared a comfy place with old blankets. She didn’t know what to do and called her friends for help. She asked what to do and how to help. First, Salami gave birth to 2 kittens and they thought that the labor was over but then it started again.

Ida found proper places for kittens and now they are safe and sound. But she couldn’t leave the black cat as after they went through this stage, there was no other option.

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